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Peter Greene

An Appreciation

A Peter Greene Appreciation Site
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket About Peter Greene

Peter Greene has been in a number of movies such as The Mask (as Dorian Tyrell), The Usual Suspects (as Redfoot), Pulp Fiction (as Zed) and recently in The Black Donnellys (as Dockey Farrell. You can view his filmography and more here


The rules are as follows:
a) Please do not bash Peter Greene. Only members can post and if you join only to bash, that tells a lot about you. You can say that you don't like one of his characters, as long as you don't hate on him.
b) Be courteous to others. Don't tell them how much they suck, etc.
c) Graphics ARE allowed - but you MUST put them under a cut if they are bigger than 100x100. If you are posting icons, you can post at least 3 - 5 outside the cut.
d) Picspams are also allowed, as long as they are under a cut as well. You may post up to 5 thumbnails outside the cut.

This section will be updated whenever I feel the need to.

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