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Michelle [userpic]
Mod Post
by Michelle (micheemee)
at March 27th, 2007 (05:11 pm)

Just a reminder:

(Hoping that this community will get off the ground)

If you want to find something such as icons, info, etc, just check out the memories or tags.

If you'd like to add your own tags to your posts, here's how I would like them (in order for others to find easily later on)

for graphics of any kind:

type graphics :: type of graphic goes here - i.e. icons, headers, etc

for pictures of any kind:

type pictures :: tv show, movie, premiere of, etc goes here

also, if you post anything related to a tv show or movie that Peter Greene has been in, add that as well.

oh, and if you do not add tags, that's fine. I will edit them myself, this is just to tell you that if you do want to add them, it's fine.

Make sure all of your posts in this community are Peter Greene related!!...seeing as this is a Peter Greene community.

Also, promise to update the memories section as much as possible. I'd love for this community to be as organized as possible!

Thanks so much